My Values

What I’m trying to achieve:

For you: empowering you to feel positive about your birth; holding space for you; supporting you to feel in control; advocating for whatever birth you decide upon; supporting you unconditionally.

For me: treading lightly upon the earth; honesty and openness in everything I do.

Birch Tree Doula is a company that operates with key values at the core of everything I do. These are:

Operating with transparency, integrity and reliability – my goal is to create a name that clients and local birth workers know can be trusted. This means being open and honest about my pricing, so clients know they are getting value for money; keeping detailed logs of hours worked means that I know I am never overcharging. It means working hard at relationships with other local birth workers, and always signposting to the best person for any additional help, so everyone know that the match will be a good one. It means ensuring that I am always only an hour away during any on-call period so clients know I will do my utmost to be fully present for as much of their birth as they want.

People-centred – Birch Tree Doula is all about personalisation. No woman and no birth are the same, therefore I strive to ensure that my support is as unique as the clients I serve. The focus is always on the birthing person and not myself; therefore, I strive not to bring my own birth experiences into a client’s birth space. I do not give advice or expect births to be a certain way; I am here to help the mother explore all her options and will then fight tooth and nail for whatever her preferences are. I spend time getting to know other birth workers and professionals in my local area, so I can signpost clients to the best possible support for them.

Ethics and Sustainability – I am passionate about the environment and leaving a beautiful planet to our children and every generation to come. I operate on the zero waste principles of reduce, reuse and recycle; this applies to all aspects of my business, from the office supplies I buy, to the businesses I choose to work alongside. Birch Tree Doula is also committed to charity work: each year, I will choose to support a ‘charity of the year’ to do with birth and babies, for which I organise fundraising events as well as support with a small percentage (5%) of profits. I also aim to support women who cannot afford doula care, and therefore at least half of any tips received will be used as an access fund for those in financial hardship. I am also open to payment plans and part payment through sharing of skills.