About Me

Hi there! I’m Laura Birchenough, the Birch Tree Doula. I’m passionate about helping you to achieve the birth you want; my goal is always for you to feel protected, supported, and fully informed throughout your journey into motherhood. (whether that’s for the first or fifth time)

Having had two very different birth experiences of my own, encompassing a huge range of different birth services, I completely fell in love with this world of birth and baby in which I found myself. This naturally led me to begin my journey into doula-hood.

With the rest of my time, I’m Mummy to two beautiful boys and love living in vibrant Birmingham, I’m a bit of a minimalist, house plant obsessed, and a big babywearing enthusiast.

It is an absolute privilege to be the one coming alongside the amazing women I work with, supporting them in their own journeys into motherhood; every birth experience is phenomenally personal, and it is an honour to be invited into that space.

I have extensive experience of: consultant led care; midwife led care; long labour; home birth; hospital birth; epidural; breastfeeding; NICU baby; pumping; babywearing; born before arrival; tandem breastfeeding; but I am able to support you, whatever you want your birth to look like. I graduated from my doula preparation course with Developing Doulas in July 2019 and I’m a member of Doula UK.