Fearless Birthing

The idea of giving birth can feel really scary, especially if you’ve never done it before. Chances are you’ve probably never actually been at a real birth, other than your own, which isn’t really going to help you here, and tv birth is always SUCH a drama! (More on that in a later blog post!)

It’s a great unknown; it can really feel like you’re setting sail to some distant land with no map, no compass, and perhaps even no crew. BUT, and here’s the thing, birth doesn’t have to be scary!

Yes, really!

Whatever your birth looks like, there’s lots you can do to prepare yourself and help it to feel less like an unknown, so here are my top tips for fearless birthing:

  1. Fill your mind with positive birth stories! – Feel free to stop people if they decide to regale you of their difficult birth and instead listen to as many positive stories as you can. http://www.tellmeagoodbirthstory.com is a fantastic resource.
  2. Debrief, debrief, debrief – If your birth didn’t go to plan last time, firstly, I’m really sorry. It is such a good idea to chat it through with your midwife, doula, partner or close friend as many times as you need so that you don’t bring fear into this next birth.
  3. Use positive affirmations – These are such a fantastic tool to help ‘train your brain’ to expect birth to be a positive experience, have a google and find some of your favourites, listen to them or stick them up around your home.
  4. Hire a doula! – Well, I was going to say that, wasn’t I? Doula support can really make a difference, helping you to feel completely in control, and birth fearlessly! I 100% believe you can do this on your own, we’re just there to remind you that you can!

Doula Love!


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