Doula – “So What’s That Then?”

Image shows a woman's hands wrapped around a coffee cup; her nails are painted black and she has a gold ring on.

“I’m a doula.”

“Sorry, what? A jeweller? A dueller?”

“No, a doula.”

“So what’s that then?”


Hi there, and welcome to my little blog; a place for me to put my musings about bump, birth and baby, and share my doula journey. I’ve now been ‘officially’ a doula for a couple of months, and the conversation above is one I’ve had countless times already.

So, what is a doula?

Doulas do so much, and yet so little; we have the immense privilege of coming alongside birthing women and their partners during the beautiful, amazing, raw and real ride that is the journey into motherhood. We hand-hold, we chat, we research, and we drink copious amounts of tea. We’re a constant and familiar face through the kaleidoscope of medical professionals you might meet during pregnancy, though we are certainly not medical ourselves. We wait up late at night, wondering if this is the night we’ll get that call? We cancel plans and stay close to home, making sure we’re available for the moment you go into labour.  We’re always honoured when we get to cuddle and coo over tiny, newborn babies and we sit with parents to revel in memories of amazing births and hold space for those that didn’t go to plan. In short, we’re there.

Image reads, "doula, noun, a person usually a woman, who is not medically trained but who gives help and support to a woman during pregnancy and during and after the birth of her baby"

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